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There are some groups who are now  aggressive in scamming people. What they do is go around in the provinces and seek out property owners, purporting to represent  the group of Manny Villar,  buying contiguous properties in certain areas. The only requirement is a certified true copy of the title and a land survey that will be handled by the group.

The come-on is that, they  shoulder everything --- capital gains tax, transfer fees, lawyer's fees, and other miscellaneous expenses. The offered price is high and payment is on a spot cash basis. Just like any proposal, this is too good to be true, and the skeptic would tend to doubt anything that good. But, thinking hard about is, the proposal is doable.

It looks too attractive, though. We don't have to shell out anything  --- only the cost of survey that we can deduct from the amount that they will pay. That's what I thought. However, upon further inquiry, we were told that we need to pay P4,000 for survey expenses. This smells rotten, and besides, the fee is much too low than the usual amount charged by local surveyors---hence, questionable.

We were showed a big bag full of certified true copies of titles and we were surprised to see that even a judge from the regional trial court was fooled by the group. Before us, they must have fooled hundreds of landowners who gave them from P4,000 to P12,000 as payment for survey fees. That would have reached closed to a million if all of those people agreed to have their lands surveyed.

They stayed in the area for close to two weeks before people began to doubt their scheme. No sale was ever closed, nor payment ever made. They suddenly vanished into thin air before people realized that these were scum-bags who were out to steal their money.

They must be roaming in other provinces now to fool gullible property owners  into their trap. It is sometimes best to play safe and never be blinded by big sums of money. If the scheme is too easy, it's bound to be a scam --- like this one.   


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Sunday, June 15, 2014

RUSH SALE: San Bonifacio, San Manuel, Pangasinan Residential/Agri Lot (3,142 sqm)

RUSH SALE: San Bonifacio, San Manuel, Pangasinan Residential/Agri Lot (3,142 sqm)

  • The site is ideally situated along the provincial road of San Bonifacio, one of the 15 barangays of San Manuel, Pangasinan;
  • It has a wide frontage, with basic amenities for electricity and water;
  •  The site can be reached from the town center in 30 minutes. 

  • The site, being irrigated,  is used as an agricultural land, planted to rice and vege crops;
  •  It can be converted into a residenial or subdivision area through rezoning;
  •  Owners have tilled the land for the past  30 years;
  •  Asking price is P850 per square meter, an amount that is  lower than the present zonal   value.

  • The sellers are wiling to shoulder the transfer fees and capital gains tax;
  •  The property is titled and all taxes were paid up to the current year;
  •  Subdividing for conversion shall be for the account of the buyer.

GOOD BUY AT P850/sqm.  You may send a letter of inquiry to:

Why this property is a good investment?

  • San Bonifacio is part of the 15 barangays of the first-class municipality of San Manuel, Pangasinan;
  • The site is situated at the eastern part of Pangasinan, north of Metro Manila;
  •  Other nearby towns are: the Cordilleras, Benguet, Pozzorobio, Asingan, Tayug, among others.

  • San Bonifacio is primarily an agricultural land, with farms planted to rice and vegetables;
  • Development is forthcoming, with the construction of the national highway traversing from San Bonifacio to San Roque on the way to Baguio.

  • The property is along the said route, and with added development, can be converted into a subdivision/residential area;
  • The vicinity is generally peaceful,  with basic social amenities found  in nearby towns.
The seller is amenable to shouldering all transfer fees and taxes. Buying the property is a good investment either for agricultural or business purposes.

A GOOD BUY AT P850/sqm.  You may send a letter of inquiry to:

RUSH SALE! San Bonifacio, San Manuel, Pangasinan - Rice Farm (13,213 square meter)



Barangay San Bonifacio, San Manuel, Pangasinan - Agricultural Land 

The site is planted to rice and vegetable crops. It is ideally situated along the barangay road and can be reached through the town proper of San Manuel in 30 minutes. The farm is titled and has irrigated water. All realty taxes and fees for irrigation have been paid for.

The area is about 1 hectare (13,213 square meters) and situated in barrio San Bonifacio. It is along the route going to the next barrio of San Roque. The farm has been tilled as rice land in the past 50 years.   

Asking price is P140 per square meter, or the zonal value of the land as stated in the Bureau of the Internal Revenue manual. The site has a good location and a good investment for would be buyers.

RUSH SALE! Direct Buyers Only!

For inquiries, please send email to:

Barangay San Bonifacio, San Manuel, Pangasinan - Site Description

San Bonifacio is one of the barangays of San Manuel, Pangasinan. The latter is a first class municipality and is part of the Luzon Islands in the Philippines. San Manuel has a population of 46,000 plus residents, that is scattered within its 15 barangays. Though some barangays have become urban centers, the outlying areas like San Bonifacio, have remained rural and agricultural.

Other barangays of San Manuel are:

Cabacaraan, Cabaritan, Flores, Guiset Norte and Guiset Sur (Pob.), Lapalo, Nagsaag, Narra, San Antonio-Arzadon, San Juan, San Roque, San Vicente, Santo Domingo.

The site is situated at San Bonifacio, where farmlands abound. It is ideally situated along the barangay road on the way to San Roque. Transporting of the rice harvests is not difficult since there is a farm to market road that farmers can easily traverse and use.

Why the site is a good investment opportunity?

The site is irrigated and with sufficient water running through the fields. The neighborhood is relatively peaceful and friendly. This is a good investment opportunity since there is a planned road development going to Baguio on the way to San Roque. When this happens, real estate prices will most likely shoot up.

The sellers are old families of San Manuel and would like to sell fast since they can no longer farm their fields. Hence, they are selling at zonal values of P140 per square meter only.

RUSH SALE! Direct Buyers Only!

For inquiries, please send email to: